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Food baskets will be filled and distributed in November and December. The Deacons will fill the baskets and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program will distribute them. Donations to the program can be made by sending a check to the church with "Food Baskets" in the memo line.

First Presbyterian Church

PO Box 218

Belen, NM 87002

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Joe delivers a car to Barbara. Thanks to all who made it possible!


Our quilters have been busy!

Filling Homeless Pouches - 2018

Our goal is to share God’s love with the needy; one person,one day at a time. Each ouch provides those living on the street with items ranging from nutrition and hygiene to comfort and entertainment.  Our congregation provides the time, talents and resources to  acquire the items, make the pouches, and fill the pouches.  Our members keep the pouches in their cars and pass them out where the need appears. Our success is judged by over a thousand high 5's, hugs, smiles, and God Bless You's.   Want to share God's love and brighten the day of a needy person? Come join us.  Time to start working on the second thousand.